• BE.ST GmbH received another contract for heat exchangers with static mixers | Over 200 identical heat exchangers will be delivered to our customer for the Fiber Industry. Furthermore, a series of static mixers from BE.ST will also be delivered for their new production line. It was agreed upon that the contract price cannot be disclosed.
  • NOW ONLINE: Our » Chem Tech Shop for Static Mixers and Structured Packings
  • BE.ST GmbH celebrates over 10-years of success! | BE.ST GmbH was founded in 2003. We successfully began with the calculation, design and construction of static mixers, reactors and heat exchangers. In 2005 we started a cooperation with a leading manufacturer of internals, structured packings and valve trays for distillation and absorption columns. In this partnership, BE.ST is exclusively responsible for the European and Middle Eastern market.

    In striving to improve our customer service, in 2012 we moved into a new office complete with a large warehouse. We can now better serve our clients with a wide range of static mixers and structured packings ready for delivery within 24 hours after ordering.

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  • • BE.ST received an order for more than 120 m³ structured packing for an ID3600 column.
  • • BE.ST received a follow-up order for a 5m column with wire gauze packing | Wire gauze packing is perfect to ensure the lowest pressure drop with a high NTS in a vacuum system. The very low liquid load is handled by a special liquid distributor to ensure a perfect distribution. Four more columns will be delivered in addition to the main column.
  • • BE.ST received an order for a polymer heat exchanger.
  • • We’re opening our new office and storage building in spring 2015 | BE.ST GmbH combines a new, modern office with storage facilities for standard structured packing.

    Structured packing in common sizes and materials are now available on stock, ready to ship in 24h! Please ask for our actual inventory list and current prices. We will gladly answer all your questions at +49-6432-98842-71 or

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