Columns: Internals

Liquid distributors

From a process standpoint, the most important column internals are the liquid distributors. A liquid distributor is required at all locations in the column where an external liquid stream is introduced. In addition to providing a uniform liquid distribution pattern to the top of the packed bed, the distributor must provide a sufficient gas passage area to avoid a high pressure drop or liquid entrainment. The liquid distributors can be manufactured with a high turn-down ratio and are resistant to fouling.

Following design data can be achieved:

Drip point density: 50-200 TS/m²
Liquid load: 0.1 - 200m³/m²h

The distributors are exactly leveled with a hold down grid or supports at the column.

Liquid collectors

Liquid collectors are used to collect all of the liquid flowing down the column.

Vane liquid collectors are widely used because of their low pressure drop.

Chimney trays are used if a complete collection of all liquid is necessary or for high liquid loads.

Liquid collector with a ring

For smaller columns, the liquid collector is combined with a ring channel to be installed on a support ring and a liquid downcomer to the next distributor.

Support grids

The support grid is the physical support of the packing and the liquid hold-up. In addition, the support grids must permit both the downward liquid as well as the upward gas to pass through to the limit of the capacity of the tower packing itself.

All internals will fit through the existing manhole.

BE.ST Special Gas-Inlet-Systems

Special Gas-Inlet-Systems uniform the gas flow into a column or reactor for a much better efficiency. An unequal gas flow can remain in a column throughout the complete bed and forces the liquid to one side so the gas liquid contact is poor. For reactors, the bed height can be lowered which is much more cost-efficient.

Support grids for random packings

Special support grids for random packings are available. Free areas between 70% and 100% are possible for all sizes of random packings and column diameters.

Spray nozzle liquid distributors

Spray nozzle liquid distributors need a pressure feed for a uniform spray to the column bed.

Flash systems

Some special construction is required for a flashing feed to separate the gas from the liquid and to bring both phases smoothly into the column. Depending on the amount of flash, the best design will be chosen by our engineers.