Columns: Structured Packing

Metal Packing

Corrugated metal plate packings are made up of metal plates with a thickness of more than 0.1mm. The normal sizes are 125X/Y, 200X/Y, 250X/Y, 300X/Y, 350X/Y, 500X/Y and 700X/Y.

The prefered materials are AISI 410S (=DIN 1.4000), AISI 304(L) (=DIN 1.4301/1.4306) and AISI 316(L) (=DIN 1.4401/1.4404).

The wall wiper band is always pre-installed on our packing, which ensures correct and easy on-site installation.

Special features:

Relatively high number of theoretical stages per meter
Low pressure drop per theoretical stage 0.3~1.0kpa
Liquid load 0.2~200m3/m2·h

Preferred applications:

Vacuum to overpressure
For large-scale production
Raising throughput on existing columns
In conjunction with heat pumps

High-Capacity Packing

The impulse sections at the end of each packing layer decrease the local pressure drop at this point. This eliminates the sudden change in flow direction of the liquid and vapour phases at the packing layer interface. The impulse section in the middle of each layer gives an extra turbulence and a better liquid flow.

With this patented packing,column capacity can be enhanced by approximately 30%.

The efficiency is about 5% higher than traditional corrugated structured packings.

Preferred Application
  • Vacuum to overpressure
  • Large scale production
  • Increasing throughput on existing packed columns

Wire Gauze Packing

Wire gauze packings have been used successfully for more than 40 years. The specially designed wire gauze provides the best performance and pressure drop per theoretical stage in the vacuum ranging from 1 mbar. Separation of temperature sensitive substances can be best achieved in comparison to other packings. Columns as large as six meters in diameter have been succesfully equipped.

Special features
  • Very high NTSM
  • Very low pressure drop per theoretical stage
  • Minimum liquid load (< 0.1 m³/m²h) is possible
  • Limited hold-up

Structured Packings made of plastic

Structured Packings made of plastics are available in 125, 250, 350 and 500 m²/m³. Different types of plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PVDF and PTFE are also available.


Ceramic Structured Packing has a high corrosion-resistance to most chemicals. For rectification and absorption, you almost reach the performance of a metal structured packing at a reasonable price.

Packing Types: 100X/Y, 125X/Y, 250X/Y, 350X/Y, 450X/Y, 600X/Y