Columns: Trays

SuperVario Trays

The SuperVario Valve provides the largest turn-down ratio of all known column valve trays. The caged valve has a specially designed hole and is very flexible for a wide range of vapour load. The valve tray is a well-established tray and is very succesfully installed in multiple applications. The valve has an immense mechanical strength and is highly resistant to fouling.

Special features of SuperVario valve trays:
  • High turn-down ratio of 1:10 and more.
  • One-pass trays or multi downcomer trays.
  • Higher efficiency than normal valve trays
  • High liquid load application (e.g. high pressure distillation or absorption)

JCPT High capacity Trays

The Jet-Coflow-Packing-Tray (JCPT) is a combination composed of packing and tray.

The liquid is swept through jet holes into the chimney and is forced upwards with/by the vapour. In the packing section, an intense contact is provided between vapour and liquid and they emerge separately at the packing outlet.

Special features and applications
  • Very high throughput - at least 50% higher than valve trays
  • The liquid on the trays contain less gas, so the downcomer is difficult to flood
  • Highly efficienct. The efficiency of JCPT is 15% higher than valve trays
  • Tray pressure drop is 30% lower than valve trays
  • High turn-down ratio at about 1:4 or more
  • Atmospheric pressure to overpressure
  • Column revampings for increasing efficiency and energy conservation, or for increasing capacity

V1 Valve Trays

The decades long, reliable Valve Tray – secure in its’ construction and robust. Replacement parts for existing V1 valve trays can be delivered quickly. Contact us!

A3 Valve Trays

The caged valve type is a reliable Valve Tray, used and trusted for over 70 years. They feature a durable design for a safe process, which is their main advantage. Replacement parts for existing valve trays can be delivered quickly. Contact us!

Valve Trays can handle loadings up to 10% higher than sieve trays while providing higher efficiency.

Special features of valve trays V1/A3:

  • More than 15,000 installations worldwide
  • One-pass trays or multi-downcomer trays
  • Safe design also for large columns
  • Simple installation and reduced maintenance contribute to cost-effective projects

Fix Valve

The fixed valve tray is an improved type of sieve tray, with higher efficiency and lower pressure drop. Because of the limited working range, it is perfect for continous operation at a fixed load and is perfect for applications with fouling systems.

Special features Fix-Valve Trays:
  • Easy Installation
  • One or multi-pass design
  • Medium tray efficiency at medium pressure drop
  • High resistance to fouling
  • High liquid loads possible
  • Good for corrosive applications
  • Low costs

Mini Fix Valve

The mini fix valve with a more uniform flow through the tray allows - in addition to a high capacity - a possible lower tray distance. Tray spaces of 250-300mm are implemented.

Rectangular Push Valve

The rectangular push valve has a 10% increased capacity than that of a fix valve tray. The valves can be installed on the tray deck to force the liquid into a uniform flow through the trays without reflux zones.

4A-Extraction Tray

The 4A-Tray is a combination of a packed extraction column and a tray-type extraction column.

Special Features and Applications
  • No independent downcomer area
  • No cross movement on the tray
  • Increases tray efficiency by about 10%
  • Increases capacity by more than 30%
  • High interface tension systems
  • Revamping packed or sieve tray columns for increasing capacity


We can replace existing columns during a shut-down or due to damage within in a very short time. We have most materials, valves, clamps, nuts and bolts on stock and can manufacture other parts starting immediately. Please Contact us! for your shut-down cycle or if you have an unexpected turn-down.