Heat Exchange: Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger with Static Mixer


A helical mixer used in bundled tubes of a heat exchanger greatly increases the heat transfer of the viscuous products. When one has a good mixing effect, it thereby results in a favourable plug-flow. The mixing elements can be installed to be easily removed or welded to the pipes to achieve an improved heat transfer

BE.ST MHH - Polymer Preheater

After passing through the polymer reactor (e.g. a MR unit), the polymer will be heated with the help of heat-exchanging bundled pipes to the correct temperature in preparation for the devolatization unit. The MHH is also the best choice for heat transfer of polymer cooling at viscosities below 10 Pa*s the MHH.

BE.ST MHH - Devolatiliser

The shown devolatization unit is installed in a polystyrene plant. The controlled heat exchange at the two-phase flow with a low pressure drop was the specification which was reached to the complete satisfaction of the client.