Design and calculation of rectification columns

BE.ST is more than simply an equipment vendor. Our know-how combined with state-of-the-art simulation software allows us to design complex rectification and absorption columns for optimum performance. Hydraulic calculations, simulations of NTS and concentrations can be easily done, as well as the calculation of evaporators, condensers and energy optimization. An example is shown here for a bio-ethanol plant with rectification, heat pump and membrane system where energy consumption is much lower than in all other current plants.

Simulation of Absorption columns

Chemical or physical absorption can be simulated. In addition to the hydraulic calculation, the NTU and the heights of the best chosen packing can also be calculated.


Installation, inspection, complete installation or revamps – we provide this service for our column equipment.


PFD, P&ID, basic and detail engineering will be done all around the column. Also the delivery of heat exchangers, pumps, piping and other systems can be offered at very competitive prices.

Engineering of mixing and reaction systems

Not only do we supply static mixers, our spectrum also includes mixing systems complete with polymer reactors and degassing systems.


Laser and plasma cutting

Laser and plasma cutting, bending, welding (WIG, ARC, …) are done in our workshop – also available in double shifts for a shorter delivery time.

Welding of special materials in inert gas chambers.

Special materials such as: Alloy, Titanium, etc. can be welded in one of the largest available chambers completely under inert gas.

Manufacturing of CE

Flow conditioners are manufactured for catalytic reactors.

Final check and delivery of mixers

After a final check, the mixer – here 12 DN300 mixer for Italy – is be prepared for transport.

Manufacturing MR

The MR reactor with a diameter of 500mm with two heat exchanger bundles is installed. Two of those polymer heat exchangers have been performing very well for years in the leading German chemical industry.