Static Mixer: Flow Conditioning

At pipe elbows, enlargements, or at the inlet of columns and reactors an uneven flow pattern always arises. To fix this problem, BE.ST has different flow conditioners to correctly balance the velocity.


To condition the flow into a reactor the BE.ST CE is used. A superior flow throughout the column or reactor is achieved, which results in a much better performance of the equipment. BE.ST has years of experience and can do a flow simulation specialized for the customer’s needs.

The solution is to coordinate the flow into these internals so that the flow is equalized. The outcome from installing the BE.ST CE is that the flow will be equalized, resulting in an improved performance of the machinery and thus lowering production costs and resulting in a speedy investment return.


The gas inlet of reactors often has a 90° elbow at the front of the pipe. To prevent unequal flow in reactors, the BE.ST CR rotates and homogenizes the flow path entering the reactor.

This simple solution helps your costly reactors achieve top performance.